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Lots of currency traders remain sceptical about their approach towards usage of web trading platforms. Accept the fact that you often might have used web photo editing, video editing and other editing based software’s online. Most of them work perfectly fine and they even allow you to save your result onto your system. Online MetaTrader terminal allows Forex traders to use their trading account right from web browsers. Perform all the normal trading based operations right from the internet and make use of real time price fluctuations.

Currency trading is all about reaping the benefits arising from the differences between the relative prices of currencies. While you do not want any lags to despise your profits, accessibility and ease of usage are important!

5 FAQs those currency traders often face while using Online MetaTrader terminal:

— ‘Is it safe to trade online?’

Veterans opine that currency trading requires a set of analytical and technical skills without which it is difficult to handle price volatility. A simple and easy to use trading platform like MT4 can be installed as an application or can even be used online. It is absolutely safe to use since it is 129 bit encrypted and not data is possible. However, usage of anti-spamming and anti-virus applications is the recommendation.

— ‘Can I trade in any timeframe using MetaTrader terminal online?

Irrespective of your location, forex platforms let you trade from anywhere and at any time. So while you are from Singapore (say), you can trade under New York trade timeframe. The choice is entirely yours and you have a range of choices to choose from. Choose from M1, M5, M15, and M30, etc. trade for any span of time starting from 1 minute to a monthly trading pattern.

— ‘Can I use candlestick and wick type of charts?’

With Online MetaTrader terminal, you can trade your choice if currency pairs using candlestick diagrams. While the online terminal also lets you use line diagrams and bar charts, many prefer candlestick and wick combination for easy price action trading. Additionally, if you are dealing JPY, you can use candlesticks suitable for determining the trend of JPY.

— ‘Will the Web platform sync my application information into the online platform?’

Users of the online terminal can switch between using the web and application version. Thus you can easily synchronise your account and can view all your specific information like account information, trading history and password information all under one heading.

— ‘May I refer to experts and communicate with potential forex forums?’

With Online MetaTrader terminal, you can easily connect with experts and financial advisors. Say that you are confused about using higher leverage ratios. Whether using one will be beneficial depends on potential market conditions. Refer to veterans and communicate with forums to know more about your next best steps.


As a thumb rule, one of the perks of using web-based platforms is the ease of multitasking. Trade from the comfort of your smartphone and know about the behaviour of your currency pair. Shift to Online MetaTrader terminal and trade like a pro.

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